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“The best thing about Tierra Encantada is that the waiting lists start once your center is full. Children stay until they go to kindergarten, which leads to long-term customers (and recurring income). The waiting lists turn into months and then years, so you don’t have to advertise and have a turnkey business. The only rooms that open each year are when kids graduate! “- Angel Ricardez, Franchise Operations Manager

Our task

Tierra Encantada provides an outstanding early childhood education experience focused on the growth of the whole child. Our leading bilingual educational program promotes early cognitive development and teaches respect for diversity. Our focus on the whole child goes beyond the mind and takes care of the growing palate of children with our freshly prepared organic dishes. We pride ourselves on providing an active, warm and healthy educational environment that parents consider a home from home for their child.

Ownership opportunities

Tierra Encantada gives franchisees the opportunity to define their success. Options are available with unique business plans – and resources – for both single and multi-unit franchise owners. If you already own a daycare and preschool business, conversion options are available to you. The level of funding and investment (between $ 846,558 and $ 1,786,725) depends heavily on the market and the location you choose. Our team will walk you through the process to determine if the investment and lifestyle of the owners is in line with your goals and dreams.

What makes us special

Tierra Encantada looks after children aged 6 weeks to 6 years. We have received 4 stars from Parent Aware – the highest possible – due to our high quality Spanish immersion curriculum. We stand out from other day care centers and preschools not only because of our language immersion curriculum, but also because of our approach to day-to-day operations. From cloth diapers in our classrooms to freshly prepared organic foods designed to expand the young palate, we strive to create a healthy environment that parents consider a home away from home for their children.

Early education is one of the fastest growing markets

As our population continues to grow and more households have two parents, the demand for childcare continues to grow. Families in metropolitan areas have been seeing long waiting lists for months – if not years – for high-quality childcare. At Tierra’s own locations in Minneapolis, there are waiting lists that last well over a year. With many markets not offering a childcare option for language immersion, Tierra not only meets the immense demand for this growing market, but also provides parents with an option to look forward to for their children. Study after study has shown that learning a second language at a young age has tremendous benefits. It was found that children immersed in a second language have improved their cognitive functions, outperform their monolingual peers on verbal and mathematically standardized tests, and are more empathetic in their ability to understand another’s perspective. Additionally, the number of families looking for organic food has grown exponentially over the past decade. Tierra Encantada is ideally positioned to meet both the growing demand for childcare and increasing awareness of the importance of organic food and language learning.

Our facility

Your Tierra Encantada Center will be designed to fit the urban community in which it is located. It will be a minimum of 8,000 square feet with a minimum of 3,000 square feet of exterior space and it will contain our branded colors and materials specified in our construction manual.

The centers are designed for security with extensive video surveillance, access to key cards for families and employees, and fire and security systems. Your facility is completely secure 24/7 and no strangers can enter the building. This gives parents peace of mind that an administrative worker is stepping down – someone cannot simply walk into the building. The comprehensive security system not only monitors classrooms, but also corridors, offices, kitchens and outside the building – and records footage for weeks so that you can refer to them if you have any questions.

The classrooms are designed to use natural light and large open spaces, and to ensure playful learning. Toddler, Preschool, and Pre-K Classrooms feature our unique design to encourage independence in toilet use and support toilet training – a feature families love. Our indoor fitness studios ensure that children can play actively throughout the day regardless of the weather. Our outdoor playgrounds have sensory sand and water tables as well as play equipment that grow with children and are intended to promote social-emotional development through cooperative play.

Unparalleled support, recession-resistant profitability

We believe a Tierra Encantada franchise is your best path to business success. They have our experience to guide you through the pitfalls any new business owner can face. Our proven system was developed and perfected to provide you with the basis for running a successful franchise. We can help you with all aspects of starting your Tierra Encantada Center.

1. Site development

  • ● Provide demographic information for the site selection
  • ● Guide to Choosing Your Site
  • ● Tips on leasing negotiations
  • ● Support with the zoning and approval process
  • ● Comprehensive building instructions with example layouts
  • ● Buildout support

2. Training

  • ● Comprehensive operating manual
  • ● Initial training
  • ● Opening training
  • ● Operational training

3. Operations

  • ● Templates for parent and employee handbooks
  • ● Licensing support and assistance
  • ● Assistance and visits to quality assurance
  • ● Detailed instructions, lists, and full support for all aspects of starting your program, from lists of classroom materials to cleaning instructions, from daily to-do lists to budgeting guidelines

4. Marketing:

  • ● Security for use by the center (access to a central database with in-house professional photography, videos and marketing materials for center-specific local advertising)
  • ● Marketing support, advice and resources
  • ● Center-specific branded Facebook page and family community page

5. Ongoing:

  • ● Weekly branded curricula for every age group
  • ● Monthly menus of healthy, nutritious meals to expand the young palate
  • ● Detailed recipes that correspond to the menus
  • ● Purchase assistance for children’s supplies
  • ● Support the CDA professional development training program

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