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Great Maker Classes for January: Robotics, Paper Airplanes, and Engineering

Start your New Year with fantastic courses! Maker Campus offers you education from doers like you. Try and keep checking as we keep adding classes and teachers.

We have some great options for January that are sure to get you the most out of the winter.

Isabel Mendiola puts their teaching skills into action to introduce you to technology and design in a fun and comprehensive way.

In this workshop you will learn how engineers create prototype projects that start in a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) program, test their project and then (as an optional add-on) create and code the prototype.

You will create nine (9) prototypes in Tinkercad Circuits, code them, test them, and then, as an optional extension, create and code the actual prototype. You will learn the basics of coding in C / C ++, electrical circuits, digital design, physics of electricity, coding of conditional instructions, calibration and use of scientific sensors, and innovation.

Kathy Ceceri In this extensive course you will learn the art and building of bots in a full 5 weeks.

In this 5-week live course for kids 7-11 years old, we will talk about different robotic systems and how they are used in real life and in the laboratory. Every week we do a short hands-on project based on Kathy’s books, including “BOTS! Robotics with makerspace activities for kids. “Written instructions for the project in class will be available online, along with additional activities that you can do yourself and share with the class the following week!

Topics covered include:

• What a robot is and what it can do
• Different ways to drive a robot
• How robots get around and how they pick up and move things
• How sensors help robots decide what to do
• How to create real and virtual robots and control them with free online software like Microsoft MakeCode.

John CollinsThe paper airplane world record guru is here to share his tips, tricks, and secrets for a longer flight and perfect planes.

Get John’s latest book for free with camp registration. John Collins, world record holder for paper airplane removal, shares the tricks and tips for designing your own paper airplanes. Learn controls, three-axis controls, center of gravity, pulling, lifting, pushing, stands, circles, loops, hitting surfaces, and more. As you read folding charts, you learn some great folding movements, including backward, sink, petal, pumpkin, and water bomb folds.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make a great paper airplane, this series of lessons is for you. Go from zero to hero in four hour-long sessions. If you’re already good at paper airplanes, John will do you better. You will learn how full size airplanes work, how gliders work, and how this, of course, applies to paper airplanes. If you’re a budding aerospace engineer, doing some hands-on exercise will give you a real feel for flight.

Sandy Roberts is back with another fun and educational class. This time, delightful bugs arise that combine electronic projects and origami.

Combine simple electronics with the centuries-old Japanese paper art of origami. By adding LEDs and self-adhesive motors, we can create 3D papercraft projects that move, glow and blink! Discover art, design, tech, and basic electronics as we tinker together.

In this workshop we will start by making a glowing glow worm and butterfly as we build series and parallel circuits. Then use motors to create a cute ladybug and creepy spider that will move around your work area. You’ll soon have a whole collection of funny buggy friends!

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